Club date

2 hours              250 €

3 hours              330 €

4 hours              400 €

8 hours              800 €

These prizes must be majored with  the travel costs depending on the distance (see rates for travel costs according to distance)

The entrance fee and all other additional costs related to the visit of the club are also at your charge.

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We go to a swinger club together. Eat, drink, dance and party together. I wear the clothes you wish, classy, sexy and following the dress code of the visited club and day. We can enjoy intimate time together and have sex in one of the play areas.

If you have any special wishes regarding the clothes I wear, please let me know when booking and I will make sure I wear the desired clothes.

You reserve the club and you bear all costs for the club and my trip to and from the club. We can meet at a place near the club to enter together.