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You will have to travel for a day or a few days. You go on a weekend and want a nice, pleasant and sexy company. Then you can enjoy my company as escort girlfriend during the trip and spend some quality time together. Walking, shopping, restaurants, social gatherings, and of course also pleasant evenings, nights and moments with intimate sexual release. I wear the clothes that you indicate, classy, ​​sexy just tell me what you want. We can of course also enjoy the same sexual enjoyments as on an intimate date. We can have these moments as many times a day as you wish.

If you have any special wishes regarding the clothes I wear, please let me know when booking and I will make sure that I bring and wear the desired clothes.

You reserve the transport (plane, train, ...) the hotel and you bear all my costs during the trip (meals, transport, Visa, etc.) and for the rooms and transportation.

Travel is possible within the Schengen zone. Outside the Schengen zone, a Visa may be required. In this case, the formalities and costs for the Visa must be borne by you.

Due to the Federal measures in order to prevent

the spread of Covid-19,

Sugar is suspending all her services till April 19th 2020

business escort
business escort

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